The accommodating point

However, once an employer reaches that point, their legal duty to accommodate may be discharged.

Factors that are used by the courts to assess the threshold include: financial costs; health and safety risks; and size and flexibility of the workplace.

Below, we look at procedural requirements and present guidelines as a means to address a variety of questions that often arise.

The guidelines are derived from case law and present clear direction on process expectations.

For example, where a workplace rule may conflict with an individual’s religious requirements, a modification, or an adjustment to that rule may be required in order to balance the individual’s right to uphold their religious beliefs against an employers’ right to a productive workforce.

Alternatively, where the capabilities of a person are restricted due to a disability, a reasonable accommodation, such as the purchase of an assistive devise, or the restructuring of certain components of their job, may be required in order to allow the disabled person to apply their skills and abilities on a level playing field while still participating in the workforce.

Often, the best solutions are achieved when those involved cooperate with one another and respect each of their corresponding roles and responsibilities.

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The accommodation process can sometimes seem confusing and intimidating.

Remember, accommodation is a legal right that infers a corresponding legal duty; all parties have a vested interest in achieving a resolution.

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