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There are new listings every day and if you wake up to this site every morning and refresh the page, you have a good chance at getting a job sooner rather than later.

My Workster focuses on exclusive networks for colleges, allowing students and alumni to connect for exclusive career opportunities.

Twitter breaks down communication barriers and lets you talk directly to hiring managers, without having to submit a resume immediately to a machine.

Although Twitter is probably one of the best networking tools on the planet, it needs to be supplemented with a blog or Linked In profile.

You’re given 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections on Linked In that you should be using to secure a job opening.

Plaxo is a social network that resembles Linked In to a certain degree.

The real value in Plaxo is the address book that keeps track of all of your contact information, including a Yahoo! Plaxo, which is owned by Comcast, is also integrated with Simply Hired, which is a job aggregator that searches thousands of job sites and companies and aggregates them in a single location for you.

After building your Plaxo profile, use it as part of the recruitment process when applying for jobs with Simply Hired for success.

Aside from jobs, there are “items wanted” and a “for sale” listing.For instance, the subject line of the message will auto-populate with “Principal Web Developer in Littleton, MA” in the subject line.The second way to get a job using Facebook is to join groups and fan pages to find people with common interests and to network with them.Here at Mashable, we’re trying hard to help you stay afloat and succeed in the current economic crisis.We’ve told you how to build the ultimate social media resume, sites to visit if you've been laid off, and the secrets to finding your next job using social media tools.

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