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Tracy's back for Episode 61 to help reel Stamie back in.

Most importantly, we celebrate the SCOTUS ruling making gay marriage legal in all 50 states!! Also, we talk about the states who are still opposed to the ruling and the hypocrisy when it..

She talks about what it's like to start up a successful subscription-based network that caters to a predominantly lesbian audience, with shows like "Kiss Her I'm...

In episode 46 of The Stamie and Tracy Show, we talk about why it is that Stamie can't accept flowers at the airport.

We talk to ROBIN ALEXIS* (spiritual healer and Reiki Master) about her process, how to clear energy and what she calls Metaphysical Mothering. In this week's episode, we talk to the star of Cinemax's 'Banshee', IVANA MILICEVIC, and Supermodel / jewelry designer, GUINEVERE VAN SEENUS. Stamie, Tracy and Rena Marie talk about their past week's activities that include everything from a Patti Smith concert to vaginal steaming. We share our thoughts on Sean Penn's marriage remarks, find out whether Tracy is a butt or boob girl,...Moviewatcher updates its database daily and you will be able to stream videos only in best HD quality: 720p or 1080p.You can also download the movies to your PC and watch them without a need to stream.Some topics discussed: We have the girls tell us what LGBTQIAPD stands for, Stamie talks about how she might... This guy, this very talented stand up comic whose name will be a household name soon. Jason Lawhead, youngest of 7 has a lot to say about so much.No guest today, but a whole lotta' deep discussion with Stamie, Tracy, and Rena: Do you think a business owner has the right to refuse service to lesbian couples? This mama's boy is sports fanatic we question him about Deflate Gate and the football superbowl, how..

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