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While their actions may not cause physical harm, the impact can still be distressing, damaging and far-reaching.

The Internet provides an unrivalled level of freedom, which unfortunately can lead some individuals to act in ways they would not in public.

Fraud The British Crime Survey published in July 2015 indicated that there was an increase in the volume of fraud offences recorded by Action Fraud (up 9%) which were largely driven by increases in non-investment fraud (up 15%) – a category which includes frauds related to online shopping and computer software services.

This is the first time a year-on-year comparison can be made on a like for like basis so it's difficult to know whether this means actual levels of fraud rose or simply that a greater proportion of victims reported to Action Fraud.

Our simple guide to staying safe online is designed to help you and your family enjoy the World Wide Web risk free.

Top10 Scams Online Shopping and Auctions Fraud involves a wide variety of methods, including bogus websites, or the exploitation of legitimate sale platforms and spoofed payment services, that whilst looking legitimate, are in fact controlled by the fraudster.

Cybercrime is broken down by the Home Office into two forms: Pure cybercrime: These are crimes where a digital system is targeted by means of a criminal attack.

These attacks are designed to disrupt IT infrastructure, remove data and/or compromise the integrity of data.

Instant messaging (IM)Instant messaging applications are hugely popular among children, young people and business professionals and are designed to allow friends and colleagues to chat online in real time.

Unfortunately, some individuals abuse these applications, sending inappropriate attachments and messages.

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According to research by the Office of Fair Trading around three million UK consumers lose a total of £3.5 billion every year to scams that arrive through their door.

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