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I knew that something vital had broken inside of the telescope. Sherrod and he assured me that he would not only fix the problem inside of the scope, but replace the plastic parts inside of the telescope with metal, clean the optics and primary mirror, fine tune the focus and provide documentation and technical info galore for 7 shipping.The Mighty ETX Website has a great deal of information about something called a "ETX Supercharge" offered by Dr. Compared to me opening up the scope and trying to fix it, get the parts, have the scope down for months, then end up sending it off to get it fixed anyway, I thought this was a great deal.Long time users of this site know that I have several telescopes, but I found that the 5" aperture of this scope was easy to manage as my grab and go scope.I also got the #883 tripod with it not the heavier duty #884 tripod shown in the picture below, a hard sided storage case and the stock small spotting scope. I had been an ardent star hopper for years and I did feel like I was 'selling out' just a bit.

The declination clutch would not work at all and no alignment procedure would get the telescope to track.

I bought a used Meade ETX-125 from it's original owner three years ago.

I got a good price and found that the optics of this scope were excellent.

I bought a small Daisy red-dot sight from Walmart for .99 and attached it to the top with some double-sided sticky tape.

That's all I did, but there are whole webpages devoted to the modification of the Daisy sight if you'd like to have more brightness control.

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