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Red Pill believes that men have lost touch with their masculinity due to the shift in the social expectations of modern Western culture, and that these masculine features are those craved by women.

These features include a strong unshakable character and leadership quality, among others.

These have been lost in the quest for equality of the sexes, which women don’t actually want, despite the claims of feminists.

And that if only men would seize upon their masculinity, without apology, they would gain the adoration of women.

Red Pill is an amoral strategy to maximize sexual opportunity for a man with a woman.Each is just a faction, aiming to assert power and nothing more.Reading Red Pill tracts and literature, as well as the many threads on message boards, one notices the recurrent theme of men’s anger and resentment.There, it holds a moderated discussion board where men come both to learn of its principles and teachings as well as seek advice for their own circumstances.Red Pill, and the “Manosphere” (the collection of doctrines that springs from MRA), believe themselves to be inheriting an ancient masculine tradition whose roots go back to Stoicism, and the principles therein.

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