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Invoice automation software is a benefit to facilities management, location staff, Accounts Payable and service providers.

Our software easily integrates into your existing financial system, allowing you to pay individual invoices or approve payments in bulk, all while monitoring cash flow in real time.

This button is displayed when the invoice is ready to be created in SAP (in a pre-approval workflow, this means that all the approvers have approved the payment of the invoice). When you first receive the invoice and you have checked that the data on the form is correct, click this button to start the payment approval workflow.Soft Works AI Technologies provides automation software that comes with a practical and versatile validation tool that makes validating an efficient process for users.Soft Works AI’s validation tool is designed to be as easy to use and helpful as possible so that even people who know little about accounting or invoices can perform the task.The toolbar at the bottom of the page displays the available actions: Rejects the invoice. You will be prompted to select a reason for rejecting the invoice (your account administrator can customize this list and add further reasons by editing the AP - Processing exceptions table from the If some fields in the form are empty or contain invalid data compared to what is stored in your SAP system, use this button to inform the administrator who will update the master data.In the page that is displayed, specify the administrator's email address, enter a subject and a message and click Lets you request a new automatic reconciliation of invoice and purchase order items.

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Invoice Manager is Service Channel’s answer to payment processing and invoice management software.

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