Validating textarea using javascript

Hi, its my first time here in and im not so good in english so im sorry in advance with my poor grammar..

i just want to ask if anyone can help me about validating values of a textbox formfield control.

Code: Hello all, new here Seems like a very nice place to be apart of. If you view source you will see all that I have done, but more importantly my problem.

However, in the example above, all input fields are optional.I am not a Javascript guy more of a HTML/CSS guy and I can manipulate JS to suit my needs.I have tried to make this "snippet" of JS code an external file but receive multiple errors with the JS calling for the FORM NAME as it is not on the same page.i just want to know how am i gonna retrieve or obtain the equivalent keyascii code of the character pressed by the user and pass it on my function check so i can filter the characters that will only be accepted by the textbox. maybe this one will help: I want to make it possible that only valid characters will be displayed on the textbox whenever the user presses a key.if the user types an invalid character, that character will simply not displayed on the textbox (no more alert messages). You should use onkeyup (not onkepress, which is treated different by different browsers), onblur (in case the user paste/copy with the mouse right options) and Regular expressions. just curious.., on your program sir, invalid characters still appear on the textbox and then disappear afterwards.

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In practice, an user will not do that not even by accident.

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