When to have the are we dating talk

We’d been dating for awhile and things were great-shared interests, good sex, lots of laughs (and a few tears). Then I started hearing rumblings along these lines: “I don’t think I could ever see another man,” she would say. “I told some of my friends that you were my boyfriend,” she said. “Maybe we could go somewhere over the holidays,” she said.

She had cooked roast pork and truffled mashed potatoes.

Basically, how many dates do people go on before they have the "what are we" talk.

I've been seeing this guy for 2 months - 4 really great dates, 2 drunken outings, 4 sleepovers..nothing much further then kissing/cuddling.....(mildly frustrating to be honest, but he has said he doesn't want to be an "asshole" whatever that means), and a lot of talking..................I waste time hoping he grows a set.......because I do want to be his girlfriend.....not if he's not thinking along the same lines...then I don't want to waste anymore brain power trying to figure him out.....soooo.....suggestions?

That’s also important enough to repeat and to put in italics: They mean nothing! Phrases like “I couldn’t imagine dating anyone else” or “I really feel like we’re a great couple” will get you nowhere. Whatever the reason, here’s an overarching bit of wisdom to keep it mind when considering the deep and fascinating reasons for his reluctance to promise exclusivity: The reasons don’t matter. Well, then, as your mother might tell you, he’s not worth it.

“I was thinking, I don’t think I can keep doing this unless I know we’re exclusive.” “Exclusive? Now, here’s something to remember about those hints: They mean nothing. Maybe he just doesn’t like you that much, and is biding his time until something better comes along. So did your request for exclusivity not get the response you’d been hoping for?

Maybe not officially (because some of us still just want some quick d), but a recent study conducted by Bumble definitely contradicts our conceptions about online/app dating.

“Sex and the City” is the show that Is hookup culture officially over?

I would do almost anything to bring her back to the subject at hand, to get her refocused on the kissing and the “mmms.” Almost anything, but not anything. This last part scares the living daylights out of most men (and some women). Here are some guidelines: I know women who make clear on the very first date that they aren’t interested in playing games, that unless the guy is looking for monogamy and a real, adult relationship, the guy should look elsewhere.

Oh, and one other small point: You may never, ever be able to sleep with anyone else ever again.

Consider a man who, at his core, is fundamentally decent, kind and caring, who pays his taxes and tips 25 percent and brings you flowers every time he picks you up for dinner. Wonderful probably possesses the moral rectitude of a garden lizard.

Left to his own devices, he will bring flowers to as many women as he possibly can.

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As long as you're willing to accept that he might not be thinking about taking things to the next level, it's fine to initiate an open dialogue (as long as it's not after the first, second, or third date! Remember also that just because you are devoting time to this guy and have feelings for him doesn't necessarily mean he's The One.

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