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Just an update: I got at least the clock working again...

What I did for my purposes at the moment, I just removed year from my date (I hate it, btw...).

There they go again with their ridiculous changes to the system tray (remember the scrolling arrows, limiting the tray to like 4 icons wide? It looks like crap and screws-up TClock; thank you Microsoft for changing something that has worked on desktop for 20 years and making it into a phone O/S...

@B00ze64 Well, according to their Insider feedback postings, users like this change very much. After all, this is not the right place for Windows bashing and every other OS has their own similar issues, too.

But now, it's all deeply done inside explorer using MFC and the function that's called is: window communications way, it all would still work.. Though I'm open for ideas ;) the update hits at the end of the month..

so there's still some time : P White-Tiger "to hook the clock's parent (notify area) and intercept their resize messages to simply add our clock's size difference and after resizing" Looks a good.

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T-Clock has always been a hack and probably will until Microsoft adds an API for that. Windows is not Open Source like Linux/KDE where you can spend weeks to change the source code and build it to have your own personal customisation.

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