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They never said, ‘You can’t have this role unless you show your breasts.' Ergo, I felt comfortable. ' And so it happened.” On , Callie plays a woman who hooks up with David Duchovny‘s Hank, someone who her daughter has also slept with.“The twist is whether or not he knows it,” Callie told us.“Sheila's not focusing on herself and manipulating situations for her own wants and needs, she’s putting it all on her son, but it’s kind of interesting because it’s still obviously very selfish,” Callie explained.“She wants her son to be safe for her, so that she doesn’t lose her son the way she lost her husband. A., I was hanging out with my friend Ed Fletcher from Wheaton and we were just sort of driving around and I said, "Okay, let's go and see if anyone has bought any tickets for tonight's show." It was about one or two in the afternoon. So we go up [to the theater] and we go up [to the poster]... And I was kind of like, how gross, how cheeseball and I grabbed Ed and we continued walking to the escalator and this guy reaches out and grabs my elbow, kind of like, firmly. The kind of thing that I want is, and it sounds like a Hallmark card, but what intrigues me about [fame] is being recognized for..necessarily changing someone's life, because I have a hard time thinking that I could change someone's life..for making people laugh or making them angry. I mean, it's extraordinarily exciting to have people compliment you out of the blue and say that they recognized you from something that you've done, whether it was a play they saw a couple of years ago or a movie that was out. And most of the time that if anyone is going to make a move to come up to you, it's to say something nice. And so I sort of like, I don't know if I like this. When I finally got to stomp it out on stage in West Side Story, it was as if I played the drums for seven hours. And I just figured out that the best thing for me to do is to be able to rip all that out and give it to somebody else. I just wish that everybody could take an acting class. When actors go out with actors, everything has got to be heightened.

And now ten years later, people are paying her a lot of money and she has a big office attached to the house. She considers herself a psychic but she would never ever ask for money for that. But our relationship was very bad when I was younger. All that I really wanted to do was see the poster [at the Sunset Five in L. It's the middle of the afternoon on a bright, clear day. I was really more interested in knowing if people randomly were coming to see my movie on opening night. He said, "Don't worry, we're all going to come and see your movie." And I was like, "Okay." So we're stepping away from the ticket booth and walking towards the escalator and in between the escalator and me, there's a very handsome young man. This nasty clique of people who [hated] me in high school suddenly were like oh, we all knew that you were going to be a big star. Because when I was in high school and I was in plays those same people made fun of me constantly behind my back. Those were the longest relationships I've had and the least upsetting when they were over. And sometimes I just want to throttle them and be like, relax, bring it down, realize that this is still fun. Like around the time that the first matinee would have started. No, I wasn't interested in that at all, because I didn't really think that anyone would be around at that point. So I go over to the ticket booth guy and I said, "Hi, I just want to know if anyone has bought any tickets to ED'S NEXT MOVE" and he looks at me and says, "No." And then he saw my face and I looked sort of bummed, so he says, "Y'know, most people don't buy tickets for the night time shows until about five." He was like, "Don't worry about it." Because he recognized my face from the poster. And he's standing there with his arms crossed and he's looking at the poster and then me. And this is where everything starts to go askew, because I should have realized that anyone who was touching me like that was not all right. When [ED'S NEXT MOVE] came out, people I went to school with suddenly came out of the goddamned woodwork, because they'd heard me on the radio or something. But then, oddly enough, they did West Side Story the following year and cast me as a Puerto Rican woman . I can really only name like two people who I have dated who weren't actors or who weren't in the business at all. And any of my breakups with the actors that I have gone out with have always been just wrong. You know, as if we are always on stage or always on film.“As we were coming down to the final days, everyone had been in denial that these were the FINAL days,” Callie said.“You could feel a switch on set, all of a sudden the energy was very different.

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