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Happy confrakulations to the wonderful, reclusive couple! Alicia Fox is rapidly cornering the market on crazy. AJ's gotta get back and reclaim some of her "crazy chick" real estate.

Regarding the women's wrestlers Punk has been romantically linked to, the magazine writes: "We all know women love the bad boys.He should have immediately washed all that water out of his eyes. This should hold us off until around 2019, 2020 I think.Anyhow, this was the first projectile puke scene we've had in wrestling in a long long while, guys. Because, in the very least, that's how long it will be before Vince stops laughing at what he most definitely considers to be the best segment of all time. " can of whoopass/worms) On Smackdown, creative made a concerted effort to have Cesaro stop using euro uppercuts. Was it done to make him more of a standard grappler?Or did they feel like he was using the eurocuts so much that it took away from his big eurocut spots?

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Just like how Layla had to keep all that milk on her head after Summer attacked her.

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