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They turned two movies about talking cars into a merchandising juggernaut.They made a movie that almost sent some of your most beloved childhood creations into an incinerator and made even the hardest hearts catch some feelings.I have seen this film at the cinema when it played for the first time in 1981.I have recently watched it again on cable TV and I think it has not aged much.From the obsessive easter eggs, to the distinct and sometimes iconic color palettes, to the stories told in unforgettable fashion, this is a dissection of what makes modern animation’s foremost powerhouse tick.So come along, get that snake out of your boot, and take a walk through one of the most consistently excellent filmographies of any production house.The film is a Science Fiction remake of "High Noon"("le train sifflera trois fois" in French).

Now I want to know where they were found, and who found them. See more » In the near-future, in a space mine set on the Jupiter satellite Io, the new Marshall O' Niel (Sean Connery) discovered a mortal drug trafic.One of a number of space / science fiction / fantasy films of writer-director Peter Hyams.The sci-fi / fantasy movies are: Outland (1981), Timecop (1994), Capricorn One (1977), End of Days (1999), Stay Tuned (1992), 2010 (1984), and The Relic (1997).This amphetamine-like drug drives the addicted miners mad and makes them committed suicide.O' Niel encovers the conspiracy, involving the director of the mine, but becomes the target of hitmen, with almost no body helping him.

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But make no mistake, it not a heavy political film but a good suspense and action film with a science fiction flavour.

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