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In Busan, Ha-Neul (Kang Min-Hyuk) is a high school student. They are each other's only family members as their parents died in a car accident.Geu-Rin takes time off from college to work part-time.He is a natural, a gifted actor from KPop whose career is rightly in film and drama for decades. Great plot, great cast, great OST, great script, basically everything is just perfect! I deeply realized how valuable giving people a second chance is. They may not put a lot of romance in this drama but it shows us how people can change and how forgiveness can go a long way.I don't know why this drama did not receive big attention and love. Beginning your way without having the burden of the suffer you have given the others. It shows us that family is not only by blood, but by just being there for each other. cpiper: I think you just concern about the romance. and anyway, their 17 age gap is in their real life not in the story.Lee Joon-Suk (Jeon No-Min) is the CEO of Top Entertainment Company and he will not let Shin Suk-Ho start his own company.

Ha-Neul decides to not go to college and to not sing which he wanted to do so much. I can't imagine Bo gum became Hyeri's brother since I watch Reply 1988. It's my first time to warch Ji Sung series and i would support him from now on.

Shin Suk-Ho (Ji Sung) works for Top Entertainment Company as a director, but he is about to start his own company Mango.

He will take with him the boy group Jakson who are bout to end their contract with Top Entertainment Company.

How could anyone feel any romance from this situation? Actually i hated the ending romance part was awful actually and it was supposed to be a boy band why they decided to kick one out of the band just to make a love story for han neul i think it would be amazing if they just put go ren and han neul together and shin sok with min jo and yon so go back to his wife it will be better like this thats what i thought One thing for sure i hate about this drama, lighting in every single scene is so flat, even in outdoor and indoor shoot. Seems like the director choose not to do any online colouring when edit this movie, and the director of photography decide to use flat lighting in all shoot from ep1 to ep18. The ending was perfect, which is not something I can say about quite a few dramas that I was more invested in. good job guysss i think ji sung and hyeri had the chemistry they both are hilarious and fun and the parts when they tease each other were so cute , it would be be more interesting if the writer gave more focus on them This drama was not the best but it was nice enough to watch it.. You are right first Episodes were boring & awarkward but everything got so much better with each Episodes... I had too much expectation with Ji Sung & Hyeri starring in this one because I'm a fan of their previous works.. Hope all the casts, especially the newbies, get new opportunities to advance their acting skill and spread their 'wings' ^^ I just love this drama!!!

At least they didn’t make them kiss or I would have puked. The show is good, love the part where han neul and his dead brother singing together. Can't stand han neul's collar so untidy and his blazer is unbutton. I nearly dropped it in the middle but I am So Glad I finished. I, m glad that i didnt drop it in Episode 5 because of that and cause of bad review that i saw... You will enjoy it Hmmm if we just say that something is not good and u hate it and stuf it's not good I guess cause even if we don't like it the people tried hard to get this to us So we should appreciate that hardwork abit But yeah it depends on preference For me I loved this drama The acting was good story was good ost's were great There were a lot of real life lessons so in short I loved it Great job done by everyone involved It was worth watching well everybody has a right to give opinion, but looking at those recent critics below they just looked like a hater to me. But sadly I will have to stop watching this one :( The drama is the worst if you compare it to the dramas with the same time slot. Eventhough the rating is low but it has good story. Love the way they try to frame Suk Ho and he just come out and fines the evidence quickly to clear his name and everyone believes in him and don't give into the bad people! Thats why he going to Jinu and ask him to return the song. I think my favorite and the most memorable scene in Episode 15 was when SH and HN were on the bridge crying out together and when they were talking in the hospital room..

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