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Among the recipients: Jesse Bunell's Civil War boss, Andrew Carnegie, at a 1908 Telegraphic dinner to RCA's Sarnoff (of Titanic fame), other radio luminaries.In 1954 President Eisenhower also received a miniature.However, this first telegraph strike was aborted when the operators were threatened with charges if they resigned en masse instead of individually, as was their right as a civilian Army employee.Moving with the Army, the operator would cut his wire keeping a few yards with his instrument to reattach to the line at the next stop.From about June of 1862 to August of 1864, Bunnell served with the Army of the Potomac as General Mc Clellan's personal telegrapher, with the sign MC, and with Sherman's Army of the Cumberland through the bloody battles in Tennessee and on to Atlanta. And in 1879 he hired Charles Mc Laughlin as a partner in charge of sales and administration, while Jesse concentrated on manufacturing and innovations.

Bunnell also made keys for Great Britain's military. During the last three decades of production (ending in 1988), J. The miniatures were sold to ardent telegraphers and presented as special awards.

At the end of June, he was sent to Annapolis as part of a relay with the capitol, but during that time, operators were "moved from place to place as the occasion required." Jesse Bunnell's tenure on the relay may have allowed him to serve Lincoln, as history maintains.

Lincoln used the War Department's telegraph office as a refuge for relative peace and quite.

Early production bore the patent date on the lever. Starting with telegraph equipment production, Bunnell shortly branched into a huge variety of electrical items as manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer.

Later, this gave way to a logo containing the letters BUNNELL over a letter S, and with its general acceptance, later levers had no engraving. Along with other suppliers, the company produced fire equipment for NYCFD and other fire departments, burglary alarms, security systems, and medical equipment.

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